Monthly Archives May 2012


We’re just back from Bloc54¬†in Belfast where we were showing off our soon to be released PC version of P-3, now called P-3 Biotic due to extreme unsearchableness:) Here it is in all its projector sized goodness -

There’s some more photos and a cool timelapse of the event here. It’s safe to say there’s an abundance of game design talent in Northern Ireland right now. We saw some fantastic stuff from Zombiesuarus¬†Games, Black Market Games, Dugong Games, and StraandLooper.

Hard as we tried, we couldn’t get to talk to everyone in the three hours, and I’m sure we missed out on some game gems and some bang-on people, so if you were there, and you don’t know who we are, and assuming you’re reading this, drop us a line. We’d love to have a chat.

In other news, P-3 Biotic is only about two weeks away from launching on the PC. We’re going to be supporting IndieCity initially, with hopefully a Scoreoid based version available through our own site, and maybe, hopefully, with any luck at all, a Steam version. Fingers crossed. Peace out;)