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I wanna give you a phone…

The internet is the domain of cats, so I’ve wrestled back control of the internet from my fat human.

To celebrate I want to give you a phone. I was going to use it myself, but I’ve no thumbs to text (ignore the fact I am typing this post, questioning human).

It’s a Nokia Lumia 800, to be specific. So, how do you get your filthly little gamer paws on this? Simple:

  1. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or both; I’ll not tell your mum)
  2. Share this competition wherever you follow me
  3. Since I have my human minions working on Jiro, why not tell me something you think is cool about Samurai
  4. Wait until 17th October (I’m due a long nap) when I’ll select the best answer and announce a winner

Also, the phone is not networked locked so I can send it to you anywhere (assuming the stamps don’t just get stuck on my fur…)

So spread the word and viva la rev-cat-lution!
The BatCat.

Once upon a time in The East…

What?  A blog post of a Wednesday? The Mayan’s were right!

Well, hopefully not, otherwise you’ll never get to play BatCat’s next game, a Samurai runner/fighting game currently going under the name Jiro.

So, that bloke on the left, he’s our titular hero, Jiro. The young lad is his son and the lass in the background is his missus. Aw now, don’t they look lovely and happy there? Sadly for them, Jiro is a tragedy; a tale of power, corruption, sorrow, revenge and love.

Fuedal Japan has always been an interest for the Batcat crew and we’ve long wanted to bring its aesthetics and moral code into a game. We’ve been scouring historical texts, novels, films, anime and more to pull together the right feel for the game. We’ve engrained the tenets of Bushido into our minds and got up early to practice Kata. We’ve even had a ritual Seppuku.

Here at BatCat we want to make games with engaging characters and story lines and as such Jiro is a narrative driven game, following one eventful and emotional year in the life of our heroic samurai. But that doesn’t mean that gameplay comes second; goodness no! Jiro delivers fast paced action with an exciting and versatile combo system. The aim is to get through each level as quickly as possible, stringing together various techniques to clear the path before you. Think Streets of Rage but faster. Oh yes.

Oh, and it looks gorgeous, as you can clearly see from Tom’s magnificent art above and over here.

Anyway, we could talk about this game all day long, but then we’d never actually get it made! So back to work with us, but we look forward to bringing you more of Jiro as we have it. Stay tuned!