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Insamurai, I-am-urai?

Since we last spoke about Jiro, there have been some dark changes. Today, we’d like to take some time to update you about them. Let’s start with


When we first talked about it, it was the tale of a man going off to war, with an ensuing tale of loss and revenge.

Since then it has developed to become the tale of a man gone insane in the midst of war. Returning victorious to find his home and village decimated, with its inhabitants either dead or missing, Jiro is left unsure of what’s really happening and what isn’t.  His broken mind conjures an apparition of his dead wife, who compels him to avenge her life and save their son. But with his madness worsening, will he be able to discover what has really happened and save his child before he loses his mind completely?


Mechanically the game has changed considerably too. Whereas before it was a ‘constant runner’ (kind of like Canabalt, but with sword play instead of jumping) it has become more of an action game. Let’s talk about some of the core mechanics:


As the game progresses Jiro is losing his grip on reality; levels become less coherent and enemies become more demonic. However, due to his keen bushido training, he is able to focus his mind for a while and see the world around him for what it really is. This allows him to face some challenges head-on in the insane version of the world that only he sees or he can choose to overcome his obstacles in the real world, free from his insane visions.

Fighting system

Removing the ‘constant runner’ stuff allows us to implement a more detailed combat system, which will see Jiro not only slashing, but kicking and throwing his enemies all over the place. We’re also putting in all sorts of things for you to interact with such as spike pits to throw foes into and rooftops to kick them off.
Also, Jiro can choose to embrace his insanity and perform moves that no normal man could, which will help him overcome the more powerful monsters conjured up by his twisted mind!


There is so much more to discuss, such as the kinds of levels you’ll find yourself in, how Jiro’s progression works, the variety of enemies and a whole lot more, but we don’t want to overwhelm you in one post.

So, for now let us know what you think!