About Us

BatCat games is an independent games development company based in Dublin and is comprised of a bunch of thirty-somethings who’ve found themselves both lacking the time required to play today’s Triple-A offerings and wanting something more engaging than that offered by the Casual market.

We aim to make games that offer engaging gameplay with a strong narrative for the other thirty-somethings out there who, like us, are trying to get in a level before it’s time to put the kids to bed or work on that presentation for the morning.

Core Principals

  • Mature themes for those gamers out there with refined story-palettes
  • Hard core gaming experiences in a shorter timeframe
  • Bleedin’ lovely artwork
  • Top quality musaks
  • Life’s too short for neckties

Who are we?

Andrea Magnorsky

Co-founder, business-wizard and coder-lady

Andrew O’Connor

Co-founder, business mogul and grumpy programmer

Tom Moore

Art king and all-round gentleman [link!]

Tom Mathews

Conceptual and animation machine [link!]

Carlos Cabanilles

3D-wizard and proof that not all artists are called Tom [link!]

Mark Whitty

3D artist and whipper snapper [link!]

Michael O’Kane

Our too-busy-to-make-a-portfolio programmer

Dave McCabe

Scruffy-faced writer and game design fellow [link!]

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