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I wanna give you a phone…

The internet is the domain of cats, so I’ve wrestled back control of the internet from my fat human.

To celebrate I want to give you a phone. I was going to use it myself, but I’ve no thumbs to text (ignore the fact I am typing this post, questioning human).

It’s a Nokia Lumia 800, to be specific. So, how do you get your filthly little gamer paws on this? Simple:

  1. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or both; I’ll not tell your mum)
  2. Share this competition wherever you follow me
  3. Since I have my human minions working on Jiro, why not tell me something you think is cool about Samurai
  4. Wait until 17th October (I’m due a long nap) when I’ll select the best answer and announce a winner

Also, the phone is not networked locked so I can send it to you anywhere (assuming the stamps don’t just get stuck on my fur…)

So spread the word and viva la rev-cat-lution!
The BatCat.