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GamesCom 2012–Pre conference buzz

Hi there. We are preparing for our first ever GamesCom and we are so so excited that we just had to share it with you:) We are hoping to learn loads about the industry and to meet wonderful people, just like we did at Develop Brighton .

We will be posting pics of interesting games, interesting people, and interesting drunken dance moves on our feeds on twitter and facebook (by the way you should follow us there if you don’t do that already Winking smile ).

If you are going to GamesCom too or there is something you recon we definitely shouldn’t miss drop us a comment or say hi so we meet up.

All the best for this week.

Oh my! Great times at Q-Con

Last Saturday and Sunday (23rd and 24th of June) we were at the wonderful Q-Con in Belfast. This is a gamers heaven. There were card game competitions and table top games, tournaments and merchandise, and cosplay. All that with a really fantastic atmosphere, everyone really seemed to be having a great time.

I have been to tonnes of trade shows and developer conferences before, both free and paid, and I have to say I am so impressed with the organization of this one. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Big kudos to everyone involved in the organization and thanks to Matt at Bloc 54 for the invite.

It was an early start on Saturday. We arrived at Q-Con at about 9.30, but coming from Dublin, this meant a 6am start. This is what 6am looks like in game developer land. I didn’t want to scare anyone so I stayed behind the camera. My face was even scarier than that Open-mouthed smile.


As we arrived, everything was starting to happen. These are all the tables that only a few hours later were filled with people playing card games.


As we set up, Paddy was one of the first people to have a go at P-3 Biotic. “Better than geometry wars”, that’s what he said Open-mouthed smile


We were part of the stand for Bloc54 along with the awesome people at Zombiesaurus (thanks for all the sweets), with the addictive Soul Grinder that I didn’t get to play because every time I went to play it there was someone else playing (including the Dev in the Red Hat! Smile).


They not only had an awesome game to show, they had also captured two of the rare Zombiesaurus’s, and had them parading around the conference center handing out free sweets. Ever the secretive beast, photos of the Zombiesaurus are hard to come by, but you can just about make them out in this action shot. Free sweets being what they are, I ran ran right up to them. Turns out they’re not very dangerous at all, and are in fact super nice.


There were also the awesome people at Dugong Games with their enchanting game Wizard Wars. Some of them were in hiding on Saturday to finish up some code. They were so wise. I wish I’d found a spot to hide Open-mouthed smile.


The awesome Paddy from 2 Paper Dolls (we had a nice chat on the way to Belfast). He was showing Mind of Man, their recently released game, to people.


…and the awesome Peter Moorhead with his gorgeous looking game Incursion.


I know I called everyone in here awesome, and you know what, I think it’s the right way to describe them, because they truly are. We met so many other cool folk that I just don’t have space to write about them all, but in passing, Glenn Davidson, one of the main organisers of Q-Con, Brendan, showing off an incredible looking space sim called Predestination, and Derm from the writing panel, a man of many stories.

Of course, we were showing off P-3 Biotic, the most awesome shooter ever in the whole world maybe. Some interesting stats, there was just under 2000 people at Q-Con, approximately 90 people played P-3 and the top score was just above 49 million.

2012-06-23 11.33.02WP_000031

Congrats to Sam who blasted through the 48 million mark (you can see his score in the picture below). You, sir, have thumbs of steel!!!

2012-06-24 15.38.37

These were the people we spent most of the time with, however there was a wide range of things to do and see.

2012-06-24 11.53.462012-06-24 11.54.07


2012-06-24 11.54.192012-06-24 11.57.57

2012-06-24 11.58.202012-06-24 11.59.13

And there was a pretty cool Quiz + party on Saturday night.

2012-06-23 22.03.39

Thanks again to everyone involved. You stay classy Belfast.