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Making a prototype video for Honourbound and throwing it away!


It’s been several months since we’ve provided any significant updates regarding Jiro and Honourbound, although bits and pieces do tend to make it to facebook quite regularly. Even the game’s new name, Honourbound, went unreported here, despite it being something that I am particularly happy with after seeing innumerable lists of game-name contenders, most of which weren’t so good. With all that said, a lot has happened and I’d like to take this opportunity to get whoever’s prepared to listen up to speed with where we’re at. At least a little bit anyway.

Two of the most significant changes in terms of our day-to-day production has been moving to an entirely new and brilliant game engine and editor, Duality by Adam over at Adam’s Lair – something our top scienticians Andrew and Andrea will no doubt want to say something about, and who are certainly both more qualified to do so – and the arrival of new teammates, with whom I can now share this awesome burden of being the art team; Carlos, (Bat)Tom and Mark each deserve a blog post detailing their incredible art powers, but meantime I’ll just say that their addition has been invaluable and I can’t imagine the current game being anywhere near as good without them.

The transition of editors and engines magically and coincidentally brought us from the prototype to the production phase of our development, which meant that huge portions of what we’d done was discarded in an effort to improve almost every aspect when working on the game proper. I’m relatively new to working on games and with programmers, so I was surprised (in a good way) to learn that this is standard practice when coding: you’ll solve problems in whatever way works initially, even if that means using code that is somewhat hacked together, but all of this is ultimately flushed away when putting together the finished product, and that is exactly what happened when we made the switch.

Before we jumped ship on the old stuff however, we did take time to record our prototype efforts in a quick video that we’ve held off on showing to public eyes because we were worried people might attribute any apparent gameplay problems to how the game will eventually play. Therefore the following video comes with a (lengthy) disclaimer of: this is our old prototype which has since been thrown away, but maybe it’ll give you an idea of how the game is going to look :)

Starting again can be pretty daunting, especially when the scope of the project suddenly encompasses the rest of the game. Jiro is now the owner of a more robust model and some fancy new samurai dance moves, as have the enemies he’s fighting and even the landscape in which the fight takes place. As we iron out the inevitable kinks after such a significant shift we’ll certainly have more to say about everything we want everyone to know about our game, and maybe a couple of things we don’t.


We’re just back from Bloc54 in Belfast where we were showing off our soon to be released PC version of P-3, now called P-3 Biotic due to extreme unsearchableness:) Here it is in all its projector sized goodness -

There’s some more photos and a cool timelapse of the event here. It’s safe to say there’s an abundance of game design talent in Northern Ireland right now. We saw some fantastic stuff from Zombiesuarus Games, Black Market Games, Dugong Games, and StraandLooper.

Hard as we tried, we couldn’t get to talk to everyone in the three hours, and I’m sure we missed out on some game gems and some bang-on people, so if you were there, and you don’t know who we are, and assuming you’re reading this, drop us a line. We’d love to have a chat.

In other news, P-3 Biotic is only about two weeks away from launching on the PC. We’re going to be supporting IndieCity initially, with hopefully a Scoreoid based version available through our own site, and maybe, hopefully, with any luck at all, a Steam version. Fingers crossed. Peace out;)

Achievement unlocked

BatCat Games is now an award winning games development company:)

Thanks to an awesome Games Fleadh down in Thurles last Wednesday, P-3 now boasts awards for best console game, and best in original audio and music.
Congratulations to all the other winners too (there’s a list of them here – Paddy from Open Emotion had so many awards, he could hardly carry them all. Hopefully we’ll help him share the load next year:)

Some pictures up here – photays

P-3 infecting the Internets

We’re keeping an eye out for outbreaks of P-3 across the Internet. Here’s a couple that we’ve noticed:

Drop us a comment if you know of one we haven’t listed.

Hot scoop – P3 in peer review shocker

Well, shocking for me. Honestly I thought it would never get there! If you have an XBLIG creators account, the bat cat would really appreciate it if you could help get us through peer review over here. If not, keep an eye out on the new releases list in the XBOX dashboard for our very first game. I’m getting all teary eyed. Best stop now.

Time for some screenshots:

Bacteria with frickin laser beamsThis is what it looks like when the bat cat sneezes.It's not yours, it's mine! I'm hilarious.Game over man