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We got the light! and it’s Green!!

We did it! You did it! Thank you everybody!

After the longest time pushing our li’l game up the hill, yesterday we received an amazing email telling us that P-3 Biotic has been Steamed on Greenlight! Sorry, Greenlit on Steam!!! Yaaay! This makes us really happy, and above all thankful to all of you lovely people that voted for us.

It’s hard to believe the game that began its life as Laser Space Horse successfully managed to claw its way onto Steam. It’s also responsible, in a roundabout sort of way, for bringing together the peculiar assortment of misfits and renegades with whom we now work, so that’s a plus ^__^


Steam Greenlight

This is a thing that happened within our lifetime!!










We have started the Steamworks integration and should have news about a potential release date soon. And as soon as we know, you will too.

Steam Greenlight

Hey guys,

as you no doubt know we have released P-3 Biotic on xBox and PC. We really love the game and we know you will too. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on a copy. For us, getting onto Steam is the next step in that quest. With a 70% share of the digital distribution market and over 54 million users, getting onto Steam is the goal of every indie games developer.

Steam Greenlight offers a way for you, the player, to decide which games you want to see up there. Developers (like us!) get to submit games (like P-3!) and then players (like you!) vote on which ones make it onto Steam proper. Simple!

What would this mean to BatCat?
Well, loads really. Mostly it means you get to play our game. It also means an increase to game profits which allows us to keeping making games (by the way, expect a blog post about our next project soon!)

“How can we help?” we hear you cry!
Well, there are two ways:
Firstly, hop on over to the P-3 Biotic page on Greenlight and click the thumbs up graphic (located under the images).
Secondly, spread the word. Get on your Facebooks and Twitters and forums and Tumblrs and ask everyone do go to Greenlight and vote for us.

Hypno-BatCat commands it! (and also thanks you for your help)

Play P-3 Biotic for free…

…for 8 minutes. That’s right, we’ve finally released a P-3 Biotic demo, which you can get on Desura here, that will let you experience the game for an action-packed 8 minutes at a time. You can even post high scores! That’s how nice we are. So if you’ve been on the fence about buying the game, check out the demo now.

Good news everyone. P-3 Biotic has been released.

Our twin-stick bacterial shooter has finally been released on IndieCity, Desura and IndieVania for €2.99 and $3.99 respectively.

Which version should I buy? That depends. IndieCity has global leaderboards and achievements but you need to install the IndieCity client (which you really should. Its quite unobtrusive and nice). The IndieVania version has global leaderboards via the awesome Scoreoid platform, but no achievements. The upside is there’s no client to install.

Here’s what you have to look forward to in the game:

P-3 Biotic is an intense twin-stick shooter featuring advanced real-time lighting and gorgeous particle effects. Pilot the MK4s nano-ship inside a petri dish against 14 waves of infectious bacteria as they attempt to destroy the Nucleus, a bio-engineered organism growing at the center of the dish. Use mines and weapon power ups to defeat increasingly tough bacteria, and collect energy dropped by vanquished enemies to keep the Nucleus healthy. Or walk a finer line and use the energy stored in the Nucleus to charge up your weapons, turn your entire ship into a projectile, or unleash a devastating shockwave to wipe out all bacteria. The choice is yours, but the Nucleus must survive.

And here’s that paragraph in visual form (watch your eyes):

If you’re looking for some more screenies, or logos and banners and what not, we have a press kit available here.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the game, from the fantastic playtesters, to the awesome people at IndieCity who helped push the game through, to the just kick ass game developers in Ireland who helped us drink many beers and stay sane, if not sober.