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The ripple of P-3 Biotic

It’s been a fun few days since we released P-3 Biotic, fun in a hectic way. A lot of people have talked about the game and we thought it would be cool to collect all that info in one handy place. I think this list is not complete yet but we’ll be updating, also if you see something that is not here about p-3 biotic, let us know and we will update.


Biological Warfare: P-3 Biotic Is A Twin Stick Fun Time | Rock, Paper
By John Walker
And so it was that seeing BatCat Games‘ P-3 Biotic has come from consoles to PC, via IndieCity and IndieVania for $4/£2.50, I once again demonstrated my own trouserless uselessness to myself and no one else. It’s a game about defending a
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: The Emotionmen

Game Developers Ireland – View topic – P-3 Biotic release by
Post Posted: 19th July 2012 10:49 AM Post subject: P-3 Biotic release by BatCat Games. Hi Irish Game devs: We are very happy to announce the release of our

Irish start-up BatCat Games launches P-3 Biotic twin-stick shooter for
New Dublin-based indie developer BatCat Games has unleashed its twin-stick bacterial shooter P-3 Biotic on IndieCity and IndieVania. P-3 Biotic was released…/28413-irish-start-up-batcat-games

BatCat Games | Video Game News, Rumors & Reviews | Dealspwn
Video game news, deals & reviews tagged ‘BatCat Games‘. We help you compare to find the cheapest video game price in the UK – IndieCity infected by P-3 Biotic

IndieCity Infected by P-3 Biotic |
By Mark O’Beirne Irish Indie developer BatCat Games has released its twin-stick PC shooter, P-3 Biotic on IndieCity for €2.99 or $ 

Batcat Games | DIYGamer
BatCat Games‘ twin-stick shooter, P-3 Biotic, has been approved and added for sale on IndieCity. P-3 Biotic challenges players with protecting a Nucleus at the

Gamasutra – Press Releases – P-3 Biotic release – BatCat Games
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.] Dublin, Ireland…/…

P-3 Biotic | Game development | Press release
BatCat Games are excited to announce the immediate release of a potentially lethal, but extremely addictive, bacterial mutation in the form of their twin-stick

batcat-games | TheGeekHole
Whenever I see the phrase “twin-stick shooter” I can be sure of two things. One – I want to play it. Two – I will suck so badly at it that if anyone I knew saw me

GameDev / Release trailer for P-3 Biotic by BatCat Games
Release trailer for P-3 Biotic by BatCat Games. P-3 Biotic Release Trailer by BatCatGames on YouTube. Pinned via web. Login to Comment

BatCat Games – – Ireland’s new entertainment site with
Prepare your visual senses for the onslaught of particles. Irish Indie developer BatCat Games has released its twin-stick PC shooter, P-3 Biotic on IndieCity for – The Weblog Release: P-3 Biotic (BatCat Games)
BatCat Games has released an enhanced Windows version of P-3 Biotic, a microbiology…/release_p-3_biotic_batcat_game.html?…

P-3 infecting the Internets

We’re keeping an eye out for outbreaks of P-3 across the Internet. Here’s a couple that we’ve noticed:

Drop us a comment if you know of one we haven’t listed.