Dublin, Ireland – July 19th, 2012 –

BatCat Games are excited to announce the immediate release of a potentially lethal, but extremely addictive, bacterial mutation in the form of their twin-stick shooter, P-3 Biotic, available now for PC via IndieCity and IndieVania. P-3 Biotic was released on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace in January 2012 and since then has been undergoing radical cellular mutations resulting in a PC version with increased graphical fidelity, global leaderboards and achievements, and an expanded and remastered soundtrack. Scientists say that exposure to P-3 Biotic could have extreme side effects including significant elevation of mood, increased alertness and attention span, and accelerated dopamine production resulting in bouts of extreme euphoria.

P-3 Biotic is an intense twin-stick shooter featuring advanced real-time lighting and gorgeous particle effects. Pilot the MK4s nano-ship inside a petri dish against 14 waves of infectious bacteria as they attempt to destroy the Nucleus, a bio-engineered organism growing at the center of the dish. Use mines and weapon power ups to defeat increasingly tough bacteria, and collect energy dropped by vanquished enemies to keep the Nucleus healthy. Or walk a finer line and use the energy stored in the Nucleus to charge up your weapons, turn your entire ship into a projectile, or unleash a devastating shockwave to wipe out all bacteria. The choice is yours, but the Nucleus must survive.

P-3 Biotic is available now via Desura, IndieCity and IndieVania for €2.99.

About BatCat Games
BatCat Games are an indie developer based in Dublin, Ireland, developing games around a set of core principles designed to make immersive games playable in bite-sized chunks. We respect the value of our players time, and our games reflect this in their carefully considered flow. Our games reward skill over mindless repetition, and we eschew cutesy graphics and adolescent themes in favour of a more mature aesthetic. All of that but in a much more fun way than I just made it sound:)

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