Press for P-3 on the Xbox

BatCat Games’ first game escapes onto XBOX Live Indie Games

Dublin, Ireland – January 4th, 2012 –

BatCat Games is delighted to announce our first game, P-3, is available now to download through the XBOX Live Indie Games marketplace for 80 MSP.

In 2061, a group of scientists engineered a bio-mechanical protein with the ability to cure every disease known to humankind, or something. Early attempts to grow the protein resulted in failure due to unavoidable contamination of the cell structures. Bacteria introduced during the incubation stage, and necessary for protein growth, attacked and killed the subject. Now, using modern advances in nanotechnology, you must pilot a nano ship inside the protein’s incubation petri dish in order to defend it from the hordes of invading bacteria.

P-3 is an intense twin-stick arena shooter game for the XBOX 360 featuring advanced real-time lighting and particle effects. Use your skill to fight off 14 waves of invading bacteria. Collect power ups to increase your firepower, and use strategically placed mines to defend the Nucleus.

P-3 was selected as one of the top 25 games in the Indie Games Summer Uprising campaign in 2011, and features an original electronic soundtrack.

The release trailer is available here.

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