We got the light! and it’s Green!!

We did it! You did it! Thank you everybody!

After the longest time pushing our li’l game up the hill, yesterday we received an amazing email telling us that P-3 Biotic has been Steamed on Greenlight! Sorry, Greenlit on Steam!!! Yaaay! This makes us really happy, and above all thankful to all of you lovely people that voted for us.

It’s hard to believe the game that began its life as Laser Space Horse successfully managed to claw its way onto Steam. It’s also responsible, in a roundabout sort of way, for bringing together the peculiar assortment of misfits and renegades with whom we now work, so that’s a plus ^__^


Steam Greenlight

This is a thing that happened within our lifetime!!










We have started the Steamworks integration and should have news about a potential release date soon. And as soon as we know, you will too.